Everyday People

Hosted by – Saada & Roblé

Music by – DJs Moma, Rich Knight & Take 

with special guests – Ms. Nix, Jasmine Solano, Martina McFlyy & Kissey

Live Performance by – Adeline Michele & JKriv

Photography by – Kadeem Johnson 

Seems fitting that I got to rock one of my favorite NYC parties with my best gals and guys on the hottest day of summer! Of course I knew from jump that the EP birthday celebration for it's co-founder and world-class woman crush Saada was going to be a good time, but the afternoon's extreme sun and heat took the atmosphere to new levels of crazy/sweaty/fly. Much love to everyone who left their air-conditioning and brought that summertime fine to what is always a room full of great energy. 

Birthday Babe Saada

Trifecta in full effect. Dressed in Royal Jelly Harlem, with Martina McFlyy & Jasmine Solano



Sauna Stylee